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As shown, when refrigeration system start to operate normally, low temperature refrigerant liquid enters into shell  through refrigerant inlet, and it exchanges heat with water inside heat exchange pipe. After heat is absorbed and evaporated, it runs back to compressor through refrigerant outlet. Water in the tank is pump out of water outlet and delivered up to the inlet of tank. After water goes across the distributive pipe, it downwardly flows along the wall of heat exchange tubes and forms water film. The water then begin to exchange heat with the refrigerant outside the heat exchange tubes. When temperature lowers down, water freezes and ice formed inside heat exchange tubes .

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As ice reaches a certain thickness, water route system stops circulation. Reduction gear begins to run, and outside heat exchange tubes is replaced by hot refrigerant gas which then melts the surface of ice. The ice harvests from heat exchange pipe because of gravitational force and falls into ice cutter. Ice column finally is cut into 30-50mm length pieces of tube ice. Tube ice drops down and threw to ice outlet

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Electronic components (1) The machine adopts the integrated design, compact structure, easy installation and use; (2) PLC man-machine interface computer module, ice making and ice automatically switches off, save time and effort; (3) AII equipment using CAD, 3 d simulation assembly, arrangement of equipment parts and accessories, pipe to more reasonable. ,compact structure and not crowded, operation, maintenance more human; (4)According to diferent working condition of customized, non-standard machines can be made.Air-cooled condenser (1) Air cooling type ice tube machine is all in one design, to avoid the heating effect, suggest you install it in a room with good ventilation. Only need you to connect the power and water. (2) Air-cooled condenser can be placed outdoor or be assembled with tube ice machine unit. It depends on customers need. (3) According to diferent working condition of customized, non-standard machines can be made.Evaporator (1)The evaporator using high quality stainless steel 304 and other materials processing, meet international health standards; (2) Delicate welding technics with X- RAY./Never leak, (3)we can do the OEM and fllow you requirements for the trade mark . If you need, we can produce evaporative condenser according to your design or condltions .The customized packing for condenser Is also at your service.
Item Name of Components Brand Name Original Country
1 Compressor BITZER Germany
2 Ice Maker Evaporator ICESNOW China
3 air cooled condenser ICESNOW
4 Refrigeration components DANFOSS/CASTAL Denmark/Italy
5 PLC Program control SIEMENS Germany
6 Electrical components LG (LS) South Korea
7 Touch screen WENIVIEW Taiwan


Special water system design to guarantee good ice quality, uniform thickness, transparent, impurity; 2. The design of ice tube evaporator is according to pressure vessel standard. It is strong , safe and reliable; 3. Adopt high efficiency heat transfer tube to optimize the design of refrigeration system . It is stable operation and low breakdown; 4. Adopt double circuit ice doffing type, ice doffing fast , system impact small, more efficient and more safe; 5. The exterior insulation structure of ice tube evaporator,anti-corrosion, more energy save and production; 6. The part contact with ice is stainless steel , safe and sanitary 7. Full-automatic control , auto ice full stop; 8. Variety of production specification, variety of tube size to fulfill to different application; 9. Have CE(PED)ASME certificate, high indemnificatory; 10. Can match stainless steel screw conveying buffer , and automatic storage, packaging production line; 11. Beautiful shape, overall layout is reasonable, comprehensive details, excellent.Application: 1. Edible ice factory 2. Cafes,Bars,hotels and other places which need ice. 3. Thermal Energy Storage/Concrete Cooling 4. Baking Industry Applications/ Chemical and Dye processing. 5. Fish/Seafood icing 6. Logistics preservation 7. Ports Ice Factory The tube ice machine adopts 304 stainless steel frame, which can be directly put into the food production workarea. It has small floor space, low production cost, high freezing effect, energy saving, short installation period and convenient operation.Tube ice machine is one kind of ice machine. Because of the irregular length and hollow tube, so we called it tube ice.   Tube ice: (1)Our tube ice is hollow,cylindrical ice with external diameter of φ22mm,φ28mm,or φ35mm and length of 25-50mm.The diameter of the inner tube ice hole is usually φ5-10mm,but can be adjusted according to the ice making time. (2) The thickness of the tube ice is thick and transparent, the storage period is long, it is not easy to melt.


1. What should I prepare to buy the ice machine from you? (1) We will need to confirm your exact requirement on the ice machine's daily capacity, how many tons of ice do you want to produce/consume per day? (2) The install place power/water confirmation, for most big ice machines, will need run under 3 Phase industrial use power, most Europ/Asia countries is 380V/50Hz/3P, most North and South America countries are using 220V/60Hz/3P, please confirm with our salesman and make sure it is available in your factory. (3) With all above details confirmed, then we are able to provide you the exact quotation and proposal, a Proforma Invoice will be provided to guide you the payment (T/T or L/C) to close the deal, for all our standard design, we will need about 35~45 working days on the production. (4) After the production done, the salesman will send you test report or video to confirm the ice machines production capacity and performance, then you can arrange the balance and we will arrange the delivery for you. All documents including the Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, and Packing List will be provided for your importation. 2. How to install the ice machine? (1) For most air cooling type ice machine, as it is all in one design, you need only connect the power and water, then it can be put to use. Manual book and video will be provided you guide you the installation and operation. (2) For the water cooling type ice machine or the split designed ice machine, will need to assemble the cooling tower and connect the water pipe..., Manual book and video will be provided you guide you the installation and operation. We can also send our engineer to guide you each step, only need you to take care of the VISA, TICKETS, foods, and accommodation. 3. What if I buy your ice machine, but I cannot find the solution for the problem? All ICESNOW ice plants come out with at least 12 months full warranty. If the machine breaks down in 12 months, we will send the parts for free, even send the technician over if situation needed. When beyond the warranty, we will supply the parts and service only for factory cost. Please provide the copy of Sales Contract and describe the problems appeared. 4. Are you add refrigerant in the ice machine? Yes, the machine is full of refrigerant, once with water and electric it can work. yes, ice machine leaves factory with carefully examination after it was produced for 3 to 5 days. And when we install them at customer’s factory, we retest the ice machines. 5. Do you test the ice machine in your factory? Yes, ice machine leaves factory with carefully examination after it was produced for 3 to 5 days. And when we install them at customer’s factory, we retest the ice machines. 6. Can you load ice machine into container? Our export ice machine is designed based on the standard of container, it is easily to load.

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